Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Cassette Tape

An oldy but goodie, this would make a great card for someone who remembers the old cassette tapes. I remember dropping a cassette and all of the tape coming out and then using a pencil to wind it back up.

Again a stamp from Creative Stamping. I am definately going to use this on a scrapbook page. 
The tape was made using a plastic bag cut into strips and coloured using a black Sharpie. 

It was only in class that I realised I could have used a black plastic bag. Silly me xx


  1. Love this - what a clever idea. As for not thinking to use a black plastic bag - well, that sounds just like the sort of thing I'd do too!

  2. Great card, love the tape unwinding. The tape looks very reakistic using the plastic bag and colouring it.

    Sylv xx

  3. This is fabulous. Tapes drove me mad as a teen...always tangling in the machine! Like you say a pencil was a good oil! X

  4. Hi Julie this is stunning. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  5. Such a clever card. Love the concept! I remember tapes well!

  6. Fabulous card- I remember tapes well, sitting next to a tape player recording the Top 40 on Sundays! Love the way you have created the tape. Cathy x


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