Creativity 101 Classes

Pendulum Wall Clock Creativity 101 Class

It's finished at last, the new project for the Creativity 101 class at the end of October.
Here is the little working clock in all its cuteness.
The heart at the bottom and the little heart in the window move backward and forward on a pendulum.

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Hope to see you soon xxx

Suitcase Creativity 101 Class

and as usual there was lots of messy fingers involved. It never ceases to amaze me how mucky we all get in just a short space of time.
The aim of this class was to build layer and to use as many different paint mediums as we could.
Firstly here is the project I made as an example
FullSizeRender (3)
and a bit of a close up
FullSizeRender (1)
and then, with a bit of explanation  they were let loose to choose colours and decide what they were going to use on their own work.
It was no surprise that everyone chose different colours and stencils. Here are a few of the nearly finished projects.
FullSizeRender (41)
These are just a few of the nearly finished projects.Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s finished projects.
I have started the reverse side of my case. Here is the work in progress

I hope that everyone enjoyed yesterday as much as I did. xxxx

Christmas Wreath Creativity 101 Class

Well we had a great class today, everyone really busy as we tried to complete our projects.
Here is the class example:
I included some little deer details
and made a second example in reds and greens which was sold as a separate kit
Here is a picture of todays class mates (look at the mess on the table)

And just to prove that we did finish, here are a few candid photos
Nice one Lesley
Lovely work Pat
and finally our Glitter girl (because she was so covered in glitter at the end).
I hope everyone enjoyed the class as much as I did. Kits will go on sale Monday along with some finished wreaths for sale too.
Enjoy your weekend. xxx

Saturday 12th April 

By The Sea Creativity 101 Class

Ever since I saw the Tando Creative stand in Birmingham, I have wanted to make and decorate this lovely box.
Today I got that chance and had a wonderful time. Here is the one I made and decorated
P1070856and some better views
Class photos will go on Facebook in a minute. Thank you to everyone for a fun day today. You all worked really hard and I hope you are all pleased with the results. xxx


  1. So many lovely things! i really love the suitcase and the silver box.xx

  2. So many lovely things! I especially like the suitcase and the silver box and book! xx


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