Monday, 25 April 2016


I don't know about you but I have loads of photos of my family where they are part of a group and the only person I know in the photo is my mum or my dad or even my grandparents. I don't really want to use people I do not know in my layouts so I took the photo and scanned it into my computer, cropped it by selecting the person I wanted to scan (in this case my mum) and scannned using a high resolution say 600psi. The resulting image was really good considering how old the photo was.

Here's the layout I made for class

There is so much detail in this one, unfortunately it didn't photograph very well so here is a bit of the detail.

It wasnt until I strareted using them that I realised the orange flowers were made from foam. Not my first choice but they look ok.
For time sake I used a thin layer of texture paste as we needed the layouts to dry quickly.
Love thos tiny pearl beads. Will definately be using them again.
If I was making this just for myself I would have added some spray and more texture.
Thats it for today. Have a good one xxx


  1. Hi this is a stunning layout the photograph is beautiful. Take care. Hugs Jackie


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