Friday, 26 February 2016

Easy Numbered Birthday Cards

I often ask in class whether anyone has any birthdays coming up amongst their family and friends, so that I can maybe do a card in the next class which would suit.

At the last class everyone said it would be useful to have a special birthday card and as the conversation went on it seemed like more than one person had two or three special birthdays to make cards for.

With this in mind I decided an easy numbered birthday card would be just the thing. Here is what I came up with
I cut out lots of different numbers and everyone chose what they needed. Here are some of the class makes

And a bit of cant see it but this card was glittered up and it looked fantastic
and of course, you can use this card for any birthday
I am going to have a go making some kiddies cards at the crop on Saturday using the same idea. x


  1. These are all gorgeous!
    Linda xxx

  2. Hi these cards are stunning. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  3. These numbered birthday cards are awesome and the way you represented it is equally wonderful. This week my son is going to celebrate his 10th birthday at local venues Chicago and thinking of having something like this will be a great idea.


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