Sunday, 20 March 2016

Easter Chicks Layout

well I supose they are more like hens, but you get the idea.

With Easter fast approaching I thought a fun Easter layout would be just the thing. I have seen loads of cards on pinterest, that have used the chick on the front so it was quite easy to adapt this for my layout.
 The chicken wire stamp came in very useful but I only found it after I had completed the layout which meant I could only use it in the spaces.
and of course, the little guy at the bottom right of the page is my favourite.
The detail on the top right brought more of the main colours into the page.
And the little hearts looked great with the tiny white dots on them.
The little poloraid photo was made using the free programme "Picasa". I use this a lot to enhance my photos,etc.
Well thats the first of the two we made at Thursdays Scrapbook Class. xx


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