Monday, 4 January 2016

A Year To Remember - A Scrapping Your Family Layout

The first class of 2016 was last Saturday and the aim was to remember the events of 2016 in a double layout. 

It's not always easy to put loads of photos on a page so the best thing to do before you start a layout like this is to choose 10 photos which stand out as the best of your year.

Here's what I did with them

Notice the photos in the main circle are black and white however I didn't want them to be too harsh so I used the "sketch" app to make them into pencil drawings.

Here's some detail

And I love the Diecut months which I "found again" amongst the piles of stuff I have in my craft room.

I did do one other quick layout for class but I'll show you that tomorrow. Happy New Year xxx


  1. Hi this is a stunning layout and I love the photos you have used. It is a wonderful way to remember the year. Hugs Jackie

  2. What a fab way to keep those memories x


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